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Cruise control BERACRUISE

Cruise control BERACRUISE

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  • Product Technical Info


    If you have heated grips and wish to keep them together with the BeraCruise controller, we recommend moving the right-hand stalk switch (1 to 2 cm max.) to free up enough space for installing the SKATE LOCK. On some machines, it is also possible to catch up a few millimeters on the side of the bar end. In this case, be sure to leave the round trips of the gas cylinder free. Never try to shorten the right handle by cutting it, you risk cutting the heating wires.

  • Terms and conditions

    • ​"Beracruise State Lock"  is an accessory, improper installation or use can cause SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH. By purchasing the "Beracruise State Lock", you accept the inherent risk of its use as an accessory while riding your motorcycle. users of the "Beracruise State Lock"  are responsible for its use. The company BERACRUISE SAS  and all representatives disclaim all liability against all claims and losses resulting therefrom (including bodily injury, death, property damage and all other losses) and involving these accessories and products.
    • ​The "Beracruise State Lock" should not be used by inexperienced motorcyclists.
    • Familiarize yourself with the "Beracruise State Lock" before using it while driving.
    • The "Beracruise State Lock" is ideal for long, flat, straight roads and in good weather with good visibility.
    • Do not use the "Beracruise State Lock"  in traffic, in urban areas where hard braking may be necessary, in bad weather, in poor visibility situations, on rough terrain, on off-road or winding roads.
    • Never take your hands off the handlebars and always wear your helmet and proper gear.
    • It is your responsibility to install the "Beracruise State Lock" correctly and to use it safely. Installation of the "Beracruise State Lock"  may require or result in modifications to the motorcycle,
    • which may void or void manufacturer's warranties.
    • In this case, the creator and his representatives of the "Beracruise State Lock" expressly deny being responsible for any liability and / or losses arising therefrom.
  • Product Descriptions

    Why choose this product?
    • Universal Mechanical Regulator
    • Perfect integration on the motorcycle
    • Ultra-reliable magnetic system
    • French design and patent

    On long journeys, maintaining a constant speed on the motorcycle is a painful and tiring exercise. Cruise control allows you to reduce forearm tension by maintaining a set speed.
    Simply activate the BeraCruise cruise control to relieve your wrist.
    Product invented and developed by Philippe Beraka, in partnership with IXTEM MOTO.

Fits standard 22mm and 25mm handlebars

- "SKATE LOCK" regulator
- Set of grips for 22mm handlebars (125/110mm)
- Instructions for assembly and use
- Allen key and mounting wedge
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